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I have recently been working out of THEM’s Irvine office.  Which is really in Santa Ana.  But not that far from Google’s Irvine campus. Anyway, working out of Irvine isn’t too bad.  It’s physically closer to my house, even if it generally takes longer to get there.  I am kind of lucky that I can take the back way in via surface streets, but it’s still a 30-45min drive on a good day.  It’s much worse on a bad day or if I decide to take the freeway.

I still prefer to work from the Cerritos office though.  Not just because of traffic issues, but because the actual building management is so much better than the one in Irvine.  I may be slightly biased because the building management office is right across from ours in Cerritos and that their staff has been exceedingly nice to me.  But I really do think they do a better job of managing the building.  It’s clean, it’s patrolled, their maintenance crew is on top of things (and friendly, maybe overly so), and they do nice little flourishes, like vacuum a very even V pattern into the carpet just to let you know that the carpets were freshly vacuumed.

In Irvine…not so much.  My first experience here was my very first day ever.  And you know how that went.  I was kind of distracted by first day stuff, but I did notice this nigh overwhelming stench in the bathroom.  And it’s persisted to this time.  Now, I don’t actually think that this is the fault of building management.  I think this is more an issue with the builders and/or plumbers.  I think there’s an issue with their plumbing.  Like they forgot to install a trap on one of the toilet lines or something.  Which would totally be against code.  Other things I’ve experienced in this office were the AC cooling the room down to 50degF only to turn on the heater and heat the room to 80degF.  It…was the most inefficient way of maintaining the air temp in a space ever.  Also, it didn’t work very well.  Currently, there’s a light that’s flickering over the cube adjacent to the one I’ve appropriated.  My colleague is probably going to start having seizures soon.

I know this post is all whiny and complainy, but it’s just to provide contrast to the two things I like the most about the Irvine office/building management.  1) They provide baby poop green colored soap.  Seriously.  It’s baby poop green.  One of the most entertaining (and descriptive) colors known on earth.  2) Maintenance thinks that proper cleaning of the bathroom involves new toilet paper.  Always.  ALWAYS.

I’m one of the only girls working on this floor.  There are very few people who use that bathroom.  I always use the same stall.  And I don’t really make a dent in the toilet paper in a day.  But the next day, and sometimes the next time I use the bathroom, it’s a brand new roll.  How do I know?  Because the edges are glued down.  Again.  Now I had briefly thought maybe they just glued the edges down every time they came in, but who does that?  Also, I’ve been keeping track of the depth of paper on the roll.  It’s not changing.  They’re switching out the roll every time they check up on the bathroom.  Which begs the question, what happens to the slightly used rolls that they’re taking out?  I am very amused by this situation.

Ok, I don’t know how contrast was provided.  I just wanted to complain.


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