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Daily Archives: December 14th, 2012

Hey look, a real post! And a crafty one at that too.

So, remember when I was talking about cabbages?  It’s because I was busy doing cabbage related things.  Like this card.  That I made for my sister.  And her now-husband.  For their wedding.  Yes, it’s a cabbage wedding card.


Why a cabbage?  Because I like them.  And it’s been a joke between a few of us with cabbages and wedding dresses.  My sister unfortunately did not wear a cabbage wedding dress.  Big disappointments all around, guys.

Anyway, I kind of liked how ridiculous this card was.  I mean, if you can’t give your sister an absolutely ridiculous card for her wedding, who can you give it to?

The popup people I made looking at generic images of “tada” and making them into silhouettes.  I tried to find the most ridiculous poses.

The cabbage,

Cabbagewhich I’m actually rather proud of, is actually a repurposed rose.  Roses look remarkably like cabbages when they’re really small and not in full bloom.  I got the rose pattern from Rich over at Creative Popup Cards.  It was originally for a mother’s day card.  It’s rather impressive looking as a rose.  Except that I used it as a cabbage.  The difference between assembling a rose and a cabbage is obviously size and color, but also curling the petals in.  I didn’t get a really good photo of that.  Oh, and I also added veins to the outsides of each leaf using a white gel pen.  Also didn’t get a good photo of that.

So, there you have it.  A ridiculous, cabbage-themed wedding card.  I doubt that anyone else will ever be able to use it.  Huzzah!