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Daily Archives: December 28th, 2012

As you may know, I quite enjoy the nice office prank now and then.  Well, you may not know, since I just quickly took a gander in my archives and it looks like I never wrote about any of the office pranks that I’ve done.  Oh well.  They mostly involved FSB and his coffee mug.  I was a big fan of his coffee mug.  It looked like this:


It’s big, heavy, holds a great deal of coffee, and I just really liked his mug.  It was the perfect target for pranks.

But…that was then, when I still worked at Company.  I work with THEM now and I really don’t see too many of my fellow THEM employees or know them well enough to play pranks on them.  If I were to do a prank though, I think I’d really like to do something like this:

airhornI would, of course, have to find the perfect target for a prank of such caliber…but it would be SO. FUNNY.  And annoying.  And may cause me harm as the prankee becomes so incredibly angry with me.  But it would still be SO. FUNNY.

Btw, I found this prank via this list of pranks.  The one with the cups would be so mean…