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Daily Archives: November 21st, 2012

Ok, it’s finally here. The big reveal. This is the haircut I gave myself with the CreaClip all those weeks ago.


Ok, so Strontium-5 is subbing for me again. And that’s approximately what I did to myself. Emo, side-swept bangs and choppy layers and everything. People have told me they like it. I think it’s because I have an oval face and so I can get away with a lot of stuff. I found out I have a oval face by taking a picture of my face and then drawing shapes around it. Turns out, my face is quite oval. Huzzah! (It also means that I can wear pretty much whatever shaped glasses I want too…you know, if I still wore glasses.)

The other thing that works out in my favor is that I have long hair and a lot of it. If something goes wrong, I can always go cry to the guy who had been cutting my hair and he would still have something to fix. Also, he has Ninja Turtle tattoos. That may be one of the reasons why I have him cut my hair. Maybe…