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Happy Bats


He’s just so happy right now!

I think this must have been a surprise party.

His friends got together MONTHS before the actual event to plan this all out.

Batman was SO. SURPRISED.  And pleased.  He’s definitely pleased.

He can’t believe his good fortune that his friends cared so much to throw him a surprise party.

Just look!  He’s clapping his hands in glee!

He doesn’t even mind Green Lantern is photobombing with those foolish bunny ears.

And Superman!  Look how cheered he is that all their planning has paid off!  Batman is has totally been shocked out of his dark, broody, angsty thoughts.

Party = success!

Disclaimer: I don’t know saybobby, the person who drew this, or have ever played a game with him.  You can try adding your name to his waitlist of people who he’ll play a round or two with.  I think I’m satisfied with following his blog.  I’m terribly glad that I got to see to see Bats look so happy!

Anyway, I stumbled across the DrawSomething blog and this drawing was one of the posts.  The image links you back to the DS tumblr.  Here is the link to the original, which was posted via instagram and is on saybobby’s tumblr as well.


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