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Monthly Archives: March 2013

ImageWhat happened to the muffins?  Well…things happened and I wasn’t able to bake this past week.  Should be good for next week though.

In the meantime, here’s a look at what I’m working on right now.  It’s the Whimseybox project from November of last year, DIY coasters.  There are materials for two in the box.  This one is my incomplete first attempt.  I was testing out an idea.  I’ll have to make changes before completing the second one.



I’ve always thought it’d be interesting to be a synesthete. Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sense, like hearing, automatically and spontaneously stimulates another one, like sight. The response is always the same for a specific stimulus. Like, you might experience that a certain tone looks green.

It can also get a bit more complicated. Words or feelings might have an aura of another sense around them. It’s all involuntary and I think the phenomenon is really interesting. I obviously am not a synesthete. But I find that sometimes I have some slight synesthesia tendencies. I’m pretty sure they’re all learned behaviors though.

For example, the word “prudish” always reminds me of the color purple. A very deep purple. Kind of like the color of prunes. Which I also associate with the word. Not that I think prunes are prudish, but that I always have vivid mental imagery of prunes when I see/hear the word “prudish.” Now, this is probably just word association. The words “prune” and “prudish” share the first three letters. And prunes are a dark purple. That’s probably how I ended up associating “prudish” with a dark purple. But still, I find it interesting and mildly entertaining.

The other example that I can think of right now is strawberry lemonade. It smells like the color. If you gave me something that looked the same color as strawberry lemonade, I would think that I would also smell it. If I were to smell the scent, I would automatically see the color. The smell and color just mesh so nicely together. Taste is a different matter though. I don’t automatically associate the color or smell to the taste. Which might be considered weird. But oh well.

So, synesthesia. Interesting stuff.