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Ok, they don’t look like muffins.  That’s because I had originally REALLY wanted donuts.  Why didn’t I just go out and get a donut?  More on that later.

Anyway, I ended up coming with a pretty good muffin recipe when I was trying to make baked donuts (because I didn’t want a giant pot of oil sitting on the stove until I found reason to deep-fry again).  You could make them in donut shape if you really wanted to, but not everyone has a donut pan (I don’t) and most everyone has a muffin pan.  You actually don’t even need a muffin pan.  They sell aluminum cupcake liners that are actually meant to replace the muffin tin.  So you could do that.

But actually you can’t right now…because I’m stuck in a hotel…and I forgot the recipe at home (it’s on a post it on my desk).  So you just get a preview this week.  Tada!  It’s not even that great of a preview because it shows really weird looking donuts and not muffins!  Tada!


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