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Monthly Archives: April 2013

This is happening and I’m staying up late to finish this ginormous spec doc. You see, the client is unhappy right now. And when the client is unhappy, boss is unhappy. Boss is perhaps not so much unhappy as so tense I’m afraid he’ll crack and shatter. So, late to bed, early to rise, drive nigh unto forever, and very little time is left for a well thought out ridiculous post. Or even for shark doodling.

Next time…next time…

Finished collage

It looks like I’ve already finished the tote bag doesn’t it?  Then why am I only showing you a preview instead of doing a full post?  Well, partly because I’m short on time and also because this is the craft for tonight.  Yes.  Tonight.  You might wonder about my hesitancy about posting photos of things before the recipient receives the thing in question, but in this case, there isn’t really a recipient.  Most of the girls have already seen the project sample.  I did that to entice them to come.  Muahahahahhaha!

So anyway, you get a preview because I also wanted to show you what the rest of the girls come up with.  And get better pictures of the tote and possibly some of the steps to make it.  I was in a huge hurry when I made this thing.

I will let you know that my finished bag is about 8″x11″x3″ and it took me about six hours to complete.  At least half of that time was trying to figure out which scraps I wanted to use and then cutting them to size and then arranging them to my satisfaction and also lots of ironing.  All that and it still didn’t use up nearly as much scrap cloth as I was hoping it would.  So, now I’m hoping the rest of the girls will make a sizable dent in my scrap pile when they make their bags.