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Daily Archives: April 10th, 2013

When I was trying to figure out what arachnid was sauntering across my colleague’s back the other day, I came across this previously unknown to me species of spider.  Peacock spiders!

Aside: Yes, there will be pictures of spiders, an animated gif involving a spider (this one is quite tame and is before the jump), even a video of a spider.  But, you really should take a look at them.  They’re so pretty!

This is totally you right now.


So…no, a peacock did not have offspring with a spider.  That would not be remotely possible as peacocks and spiders are not even the same phylum, never mind the same species.  Peacock spiders (Maratus volans) are a species of jumping spiders.  Both male and female peacock spiders are brownish, but the males have…plumage.  Kind of like peacocks.  Here, I will show you.

Obviously, there are pictures of spiders after this.