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Daily Archives: May 29th, 2013

So, I cut my bangs again.  It’s the third or fourth time since I first cut them.  If you’re curious, I still look a lot like this.  Maybe a little less drastic this time.  I didn’t angle the cut as much as I had previously.


It really is a vicious cycle.  Bangs annoy you after you cut them, so you decide to grow them out.  But then they grow to a point where it’s more annoying than when you had bangs.  But you tolerate these quasibangs/short layers for awhile.  And then at some point the annoyance and scissor happiness converge, you cut them again.  And now you have to repeat from the beginning.  But maybe this time you’ll be able to withstand the annoyance enough to grow them out.  And then they go double team with scissor happiness again and you cut them…again.  Sugh.

I had gotten to the point where I was wondering why I had even cut them to begin with.  The first time I went to an Actual Hair Salon after years and years of just finding random people to hack off some hair, I let the stylist do whatever she wanted with my hair, with the exception of bangs.  Because I knew of this cycle.  I had bangs as a child.  I was somehow able to break free from the cycle.  I had vowed never to go back, never to fall into that cycle again.  And yet, here we are.

Super Secret Robot Agent Sheri, Wrist Brace Girl–Adventuress Extraordinaire agrees with me about the vicious cycle of bangs.  She was also the one to remind me that I have bangs because of my inability to overcome the urge to play with scissors one day.  I had forgotten.  I could only see the endless loop of bangs.  But that urge to play with scissors and cut hair…it’s really powerful.  She suggested that maybe we should form an organization where we can administer some kind of therapy.  Then we could help people escape this vicious cycle.

[17:06:22] cherriebb515: Maybe we should start an organization.
[17:06:26] cherriebb515: Scissor happy anonymous.
[17:06:32] cherriebb515: We can administer group therapy.

But, I don’t know what kind of therapy would work.  I mean, we’re both stuck in this loop.  Everything we do would be experimental.  And if the therapy ended up being a lot of talk therapy, maybe in groups, where would we get a group leader?  We can’t lead the groups if we’re also stuck in this loop.  We may be doomed forever to this vicious cycle of bangs.

Doomed, I say!  Forever!  Forevar!