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Uh…so this one isn’t part of the 100 random things list either.  This one again comes behest my coworker.  He didn’t request for me to draw sentient, rampaging hate.  It kind of came out of one of our conversations in which I was hating everything so hard that the hatred was going to become sentient and rampage around the client site.

Now I feel like I should qualify the type of hate that I was feeling.  You know how when you have a tight deadline and you’re working hard to meet it?  And then everything in the world conspires against you to keep you from meeting that deadline?  And how you subsequently feel about everything around you, no matter how inoffensive and innocuous that thing is?  Yeah.  That’s what I’ve tried drawing.

Actually, it was supposed to be more globby and slimey with the pulsatey glow.  But I got lazy.  So it’s not very globby at all.  But I should be.

Sentient, rampaging hate


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