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34 easy steps to removing a Shockwatch sticker from your laptop

  1. Set laptop on flat surface, such as a desk.
  2. Dig your nail under the edge of the sticker.
  3. Gently pull at the flap you’ve created.
  4. Tear a very small sliver of the surface of the sticker off your laptop.
  5. Set small sliver aside.
  6. Sugh.
  7. Roll your eyes.
  8. Repeat steps 2-7.
  9. Repeat step 8.
  10. Shake fist.
  11. Find some Isopropyl Alcohol and paper towels.
  12. Lay a paper towel over the sticker.
  13. Liberally douse the towel with alcohol.
  14. Steep.
  15. Scrub at the sticker with the alcohol infused towel.
  16. Spread sticker color all over the place.
  17. Sugh.
  18. Roll your eyes.
  19. Roll your eyes again.
  20. Place the alcohol infused towel over the sticker again.
  21. Completely soak the towel with alcohol.
  22. Steep some more.
  23. Scrub at the sticker with the alcohol soaked towel.
  24. Tear a hole in the towel from all the scrubing.
  25. Grumble to yourself.
  26. Roll your eyes.
  27. Look around for acetone.
  28. Use prepped nail polish remover wipes instead.
  29. Scrub at sticker with acetone wipe in a circular fashion until the rest of the sticker comes off.
  30. Switch arms halfway through.
  31. Wipe everything down with the alcohol soaked towel again.
  32. Dispose of the alcohol acetone mess.
  33. Grumble to yourself.
  34. Roll your eyes again for good measure.

Disclaimer: it is important to roll your eyes as directed otherwise the sticker won’t know that you means serious business about sticker removal.


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