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I have been exceptionally bad at remembering to take a contents photo of these Whimseyboxes.  And…I’ve forgotten to do so again for this box.

September 2013’s Whimseybox included a bunch of stuff for macramé home decor stuff.  In the box were,

  • Gray and yellow paracord
  • An assortment of wooden beads
  • A brass ring
  • A dowel
  • Some wooden tags

I’m not really sure what the tags were for.  I didn’t use them.

Anyway, this box was interesting in that you had enough material for one project but you had two projects to choose from.  Instructions were included for a wall hanging but there was a link to the site on how to make a macramé hanging plant holder.  I had meant to make the plant holder because I thought it was more useful than a wall hanging but…I accidentally cut some of the cord too short, so I had to make the wall hanging in the end.

I kind of followed directions.   I didn’t really need to since I’m quite familiar with macramé as I had done a lot of Chinese knotting as a child.  So I just loosely followed their instructions, taught one of the girls who was with me the basics, and ended up with this.

WP_20140412_14_27_18_Pro (1)

I am at a loss as to what do actually do with it though.


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