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So, here’s a thing I’ve been doing.  Kind of.  In my spare time.  Of which I have little.  And what little I have I am generally bemoaning what little spare time I have thus totally squandering it.



I have embarked on this journey to make the cable for a pair of Sennheisers I have less tangleable by wrapping it with embroidery floss (a larger diameter cord is harder to tangle).  It’s…taking awhile.  And I’ll have to be adding floss to it before long because I didn’t cut the originals long enough to wrap the entire length of the cord.

Anyway, this is just a friendship knot (or lanyard knot or barrel stitch or crown knot, I should probably get a book on knots in English so that I don’t have to scramble around the internet looking for proper terminology and then find all this conflicting information) around a core (the cable) always going in the same direction so that it spirals around the core.

I was going to do a variation of the knot that involved more string and colors, but then it got to be a big tangled mess with the length of string I needed to use.  But that’s ok!  I’ll change colors somewhere along the length of the cable as I run out of existing embroidery floss.

No, I don’t particularly care about the Miami Hurricanes.  Why?

I have been exceptionally bad at remembering to take a contents photo of these Whimseyboxes.  And…I’ve forgotten to do so again for this box.

September 2013’s Whimseybox included a bunch of stuff for macramé home decor stuff.  In the box were,

  • Gray and yellow paracord
  • An assortment of wooden beads
  • A brass ring
  • A dowel
  • Some wooden tags

I’m not really sure what the tags were for.  I didn’t use them.

Anyway, this box was interesting in that you had enough material for one project but you had two projects to choose from.  Instructions were included for a wall hanging but there was a link to the site on how to make a macramé hanging plant holder.  I had meant to make the plant holder because I thought it was more useful than a wall hanging but…I accidentally cut some of the cord too short, so I had to make the wall hanging in the end.

I kind of followed directions.   I didn’t really need to since I’m quite familiar with macramé as I had done a lot of Chinese knotting as a child.  So I just loosely followed their instructions, taught one of the girls who was with me the basics, and ended up with this.

WP_20140412_14_27_18_Pro (1)

I am at a loss as to what do actually do with it though.