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I have discovered something. Patient waiting rooms are built in a time bubble. I base this on observational findings.

Have you ever noticed that daytime talk shows are always playing in a patient waiting room?  Always.  Regardless of the time of day.  The clocks and watches all reflect the perceived time according to the rest of the general area, but they are not accurate, because daytime talk shows are the only thing that play on the TVs in the waiting room.  It does not matter what time of day it is for the rest of the region surrounding the waiting room, inside the waiting room it is always morning.  Probably mid-morning since that’s when there’s a plethora of daytime talk shows.

Also, the prime of daytime talk shows was probably in the 90s.  This brings an added element to this whole situation.  What if the time bubble isn’t just so a waiting room is always stuck in the morning hours but also makes you go back in time to the 90s?  I do often seen older magazines in waiting rooms.  But then again, I see current ones too.  Maybe they purposely place those in there so that you don’t notice that you’re always stuck in the morning.

And what is the point of having this time bubble exist in the waiting rooms?  I’m sure it has to have something to do with how long doctors will keep you waiting, seemingly without reason.  Obviously, this needs more study.

Since the effect seems only affect the patient waiting rooms, I’m going to assume that there is a small time warp generator probably built into the walls, or at least places nearby. I think I’ll spend time looking for it since it’s a hobby of mine to hang around patient waiting rooms. I should have plenty of time to look. Just need to make sure that I don’t look too suspicious so that they kick me out or tell me to stop…


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