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I found some yeast the other day in the pantry.  I also had some pickled jalapenos and shredded cheese left over from taco night with the girls a few weeks back.  So…I made some focaccia (the cheddar and jalapeno variety being my favorite).

I don’t typically work with yeast.  You’ll note that most of my baking posts have been quick breads in which you use chemical leavening agents.  It’s easier.  And quicker.  I think the only other thing I’ve done with yeast recently was the pretzels.

Anyway, I decided to make focaccia to help get rid of ingredients and also because it’s super fast.  Well, assuming that you have lively yeast.  Which I didn’t.  I really should have waited on the yeast a bit more, but oh well.

I have enough cheese to make it again, so I probably will.  I might have to replace that jar of yeast, though.  In case you’re wondering, I used this recipe as my base.  Basically, all I needed to know was how much flour I needed to make enough dough for a half sheet pan.


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