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Yay! More fish pops!

This one is a simple one.  It’s a 1:1 ratio of whatever fruit you have, in my case a frozen blueberry, blackberry, marionberry mix, blended with plain yogurt.  And then whatever sugar you feel is necessary to suit your taste.  You may strain out the seeds.  Or you may not.  It is your choice.  I actually like chewing on the seeds, so I tend to leave them in.  I do understand that many people find seeds very annoying, though.

I used three cups of berries, three cups of yogurt, and about a quarter cup of sugar.  It made 12 fish pops and another 5 dentist cup (the tiny paper cups you would get from your dentist when they want you to go rinse out your mouth) pops.

Curious how to use paper cups as a mold without covering the top?  Just freeze for an hour first before shoving a stick in.  And then you can just peel the paper cup away when you’re ready to eat.


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