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Horse and Yaris recently had an entrance interview to be enrolled in the local doggy camp.  While I do understand why the process is completely necessary, I still find it entirely ridiculous.  Maybe because of how they call it an “interview.”  It’s not an interview.  It’s just an observation day to make sure your dogs play nice with the other dogs.  There are no questions being asked.  You can’t prep your dogs for it.  They don’t have to dress up.  It’s not an interview.  But it does feel like what I imagine enrolling children into camp is like with the immunization requirement and whatnot.

Anyway, Horse and Yaris went in for their interview.  The camp staff got a kick out of Horse’s name.  He’s the only Horse in their system.

There actually ended up being an even bigger lab (yellow) that day.  That lab was big.  And fat.  I saw him on the webcam (there are live webcams in the yard so you can check in on your dog from time to time).  Horse stood next to that other lab and there was a very distinct size difference.  The staff said even Horse seemed taken aback when he saw how big that lab was.  Haha.  I caught them next to each other a few times during the day.  I imagine they were discussing the trials of being so big and how finally there was another lab who could understand.

There are always a bunch of GSDs around and on interview day, it was no different.  Yaris made some friends with other GSDs and also a pair of greyhounds for some reason.  Maybe she was comparing notes on running fast.  I was pretty impressed with Yaris in that she didn’t really freak out and seemed relatively calm.  She would make her rounds and then go back to lie down in close proximity to Horse.  Horse would not make rounds and basically spent the entire day lounging and dog watching the other yards.  The giant yellow did the same, but he staked out a different corner.

Anyway, they both did well and passed their interview and are welcome back at the doggy camp.  They also took the most ridiculous looking ID photos ever after having passed their interviews.

They caught Horse mid-lick.  He looks like he has a mustache or lips.

They caught Horse mid-lick. He looks like he has a mustache or lips.

What is that face?!

What is that face?!

I guess dogs don’t take good ID photos either.  ID photos are just destined to look bad for everyone.


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