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Um…he may have a tumor growing out of his chin. If octopusesesseses had chins.

Or in this case, an octopus pop.

I needed to make some fish pops the other day and I also needed to get rid of all the fruit that was in my freezer.  My mother thought it was a good idea to buy all this fruit while she was here, way too much for only two people to eat.  At least instead of just letting all the fruit rot and then throwing it out, she decided to cut it up and freeze it.  I don’t like wasting things.

It’s all well and good to have a lot of frozen fruit on hand, but…then you have a lot of frozen fruit on hand.  Way too much fruit.  In fact, it’s about the same amount of fruit you had earlier when it was all fresh.  And it takes up space in your freezer.

What do?  Make fish pops.  (Or smoothies.  I do that a lot too.)

I found a bag of diced hami melons and a bag of diced cantaloupe in the freezer.  I blended about a cup of melon (separately) with about three tablespoons of plain yogurt and a couple of teaspoons of sugar.  Then poured the molds about half full of the hami melon mixture and froze it for about 30 min.  Then I filled the rest of the molds with the cantaloupe mixture to get a layered pop.

The thing with the fish pop molds is that they’re all different sizes and so the smaller molds and molds that didn’t have as much liquid had frozen to a semi-solid state after about 30 min, but the larger or fuller ones were still pretty liquidy.  So, the octo-pop you see is layered.  But I do have this clown fish that isn’t.  Actually, I think I kind of like the clown fish better.

WP_20140914_13_52_33_Pro 1

It isn’t a very good pic. Sorry.


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