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I recently had Yaris tested to see if she has any allergies.  She’s consistently had skin issues and we’ve never really been able to figure out what causes them.

I thought maybe it was her shampoo and I switched it.  It seemed to help but didn’t get rid of the reactions.

I put her on flea medication and that helped a tremendous amount.  She apparently is very allergic to fleas.  I mean, everyone is to a point.  Your immune system reacts to the flea saliva and the area of the bite will become inflamed and will itch a little.  But with Yaris one flea bite might make her entire belly red and then she breaks out in hives.  Ugh.  What a princess.

But with this allergy test, which was a mail-in kit where you give the lab a sample of fur and saliva, I found a whole list of things that Yaris reacts to.  Things like…chicken eggs.  But not duck eggs.  No, no.  She needs the more expensive egg.  She also reacts to tuna.  Which makes her kind of sad.  She really likes tuna.  But salmon is really good for her.  Salmon.  Of course.

But the allergen that really stood out to me was…human dander.  Yes.  Yaris is allergic to HUMAN dander.  She’s allergic to humans.  I’ve never met another dog who is allergic to humans.  But Yaris is.  Because she’s a princess.

Incidentally, she isn’t allergic to moose.  Maybe I’m in the clear.


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