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I’ve been really bad at this.  I know.  Sorry?

So anyway, I had family and such over a few weeks ago for a week long conference thing.  It was a pretty tight schedule for them and they needed to be fed with minimal fuss because I was still be commuting to and from clib.  It really wasn’t an ideal situation.  It meant that I had to make sure everything was prepped beforehand and I could just set things out and they would do the finishing work to actually make a meal.  Sugh.  This also meant that I made A LOT of different things that week but didn’t get pictures of anything because I was almost always away.  Except for this here tart.

I made the tart on the last day when I had some time.  It was dessert for when they came back that night.  I had been wanting to make a tart for awhile now with my fancy, new rectangular pan (ok, it is not fancy, but it is new).  I’ve decided I like the rectangular shape.  The tart itself was quite easy and it’s no-bake, so it doesn’t heat up your kitchen in the summer.

The crust is a recipe from Home Cooking Adventures.  I may have gotten a Costco box of Oreos just for tart making…maybe.

The filling is a recipe from Joy of Baking.  I’ve decided I like this waaaay better than pastry cream and I’ll probably be using this from now on.  My lemon tree also very kindly provided some of the hugest lemons ever so there was lots of zest and one lemon provided more than 0.33c of juice.

The fruit topping was just fresh blueberries, strawberries, and peaches, chopped, and some fresh raspberries.

My tart pan is 13.75″ x 4.25″ x 1″ with a removable bottom.  If you follow the recipes from the site, you’ll have enough crust and filling for two tarts of that size.  I’ve also decided that if I’m not serving the tart at home, it’s a better idea to line the bottom of the pan with parchment or foil or something so you can easily slide the tart off the bottom of the pan and onto your serving surface.  This is because while I might have a ceramic knife that won’t scratch the pan, there’s no guarantee that anyone else will and I would prefer not to ruin the bottom of my tart pan.


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