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The other day I went to check up on my tomato.  Ok, so I don’t normally go and check on my tomatoes to see how they’re doing.  I went to go grab the tomato to use it in something.  I forgot what I was making exactly.  Probably just a sandwich.  Anyway, when I grabbed the tomato, I noticed something weird.  I somehow purchased a tomato that was incubating a tentacled alien parasite AND this parasite had decided that it was time to break free and go forth to wreak havoc upon the world.  I especially like the small protrusions on the surface of the tomato where tentacles are about to burst forth in a shower of blood and guts (ok fine, tomato pulp…and not really a shower).  Do you think this alien has laser powers???

In other news, I’ve never had a tomato sprout before.  I always though the next natural step in the process was just for the tomato to mold up and rot.

Clib is very needy.


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