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Daily Archives: October 23rd, 2015


That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?  I may have done that on purpose.  I may have done that on purpose as well.  Yay!

So I’m really fond of chocolate.  I think we had already established that.  But I’m also really fond of peanut butter, especially in cookie form.  It used to be a struggle at one of the local markets that sells both very good chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies.  Which box should I get?  I could always get both boxes.  But that feels toooo extravagant.  Two boxes of cookies??  No…then I would have to eat one of each cookie each time I wanted a cookie.  Tooooo extravagant.  I am not living a life of wanton excess.  Definitely cannot have two cookies each time you mean to only have one cookie.

But the problem is solved!  Kind of.  I mean, if I ever go to that market for cookies again, I will probably continue to have the same problem with buying two boxes of cookies and then eating a minimum of one cookie each at a sitting.  But, I found someone who had the ingenious idea of smashing a peanut butter cookie and chocolate chip cookie together into one cookie!  And even better, they made the peanut butter cookie as a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie!  And even even better better, they made the chocolate chip cookie as a chocolate chocolate chip cookie!  Huzzah!

Anyway, I made some.  They’re good.  The peanut butter cookie is nice and peanutty.  I’ve had that problem with lots of different recipes.  The peanut taste is not pronounced enough so you just have…cookie.  I mean, cookies are nice and all, but I wanted a specific type of cookie.  Not generic cookie.

The chocolate chocolate chip cookie is also quite good.  I meant to make it chocolate peanut butter chip, but I couldn’t find any pb chips the day I went to the store, so chocolate chocolate chip it was.  Which is totally fine.  Since I’m quite fond of chocolate.  But next time, I might try and plan ahead to make chocolate pb chip cookies.