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I think it’s been well established that I like chocolate (and pizza).

So recently, I started playing a lot of Candy Crush.  Actually, that’s inaccurate.  I recently started playing Candy Crush (late to the party, meh).  And I’ve been playing it a lot.  Mostly because I was trying to find a fairly mindless match 3 type game to help me disengage…and apparently I need to disengage frequently?  Anyway, Candy Crush makes me conflicted about chocolate.

If you play/have played Candy Crush, you know that the chocolate pieces spawn new chocolate pieces if the previous turn did not actively destroy a chocolate block.  That means the chocolate is like an insidious disease slowly taking over your entire board.  And that’s sad.  Because it’s chocolate and chocolate is delicious.  I don’t want to think that chocolate is a disease that’s slowly taking over everything.

But then again, what if actual chocolate would spawn new block of chocolate in real life?  But I don’t mean like this.

  1. Because that’s white chocolate and white chocolate is only a marketing ploy.  It’s just fat and no chocolate.
  2. This doesn’t actually work.  You obviously lose a minuscule amount of “chocolate” each time you do this.

I’m saying, if you didn’t eat a block of chocolate one day, it would automatically generate another block the next day, assuming turns are by days.  That means you could have a never ending supply of chocolate!  That would be one of the best things ever.  EVAR.

But I wonder if this is something that happens for all types of chocolate (minus white).  I mean, I don’t really want a never ending supply of milk chocolate.  Milk chocolate is good now and then, but I really prefer eating dark chocolate.  And I would like baker’s chocolate to have the same spawning properties.  Think of all the chocolate desserts I could make!

Sugh.  If only…but no.  Chocolate is an insidious disease slowly taking over my entire board.  Yay.

I should probably find another (more productive) means of disengaging.



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  1. I came here for Chocolate and wasn’t disapointed. Mention of the word pizza has only exacerbated my hunger!

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