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The other day I had some gross bananas.  All bananas are gross to me once they get any sort of brown on them.  Bananas should be eaten when they are still green tipped.

Anyway, I had some gross bananas.  I normally make banana nut bread with my gross bananas but I’ve been trying to branch out.  Banana nut bread is all well and good, but I don’t always want to eat a whole loaf.  I’ve also been curious just how well different types of batters would do in a waffle iron.  So…I made a batch of banana nut bread batter and then dumped it into the waffle iron.

Results?  Delicious.

WP_20160103_09_17_58_Rich_LI (2)

But the thing is, because the recipe is for a quick bread and not for a waffle, the results are not quite waffle-like.  I mean, it’s a waffle in shape but not in texture.  The texture is still like that of bread.  Like I said, it’s delicious but not quite right.

So now it’s time to experiment with leavening and also with temperature and length of cooking.  This time I heated the waffle iron to 350degF and left it in for…a cycle.  I forgot to look at the time, but I left it until the iron reached temperature again.  I think maybe I’ll try raising the temperature next time with the same recipe and see what happens.  And then maybe I’ll change the leavening to see what happens.

As it is, it’s pretty good the next day after you’ve toasted it in a toaster (darkest setting on mine).  It crisps up a little and banana bread (or waffle in this case) is always better the next day.

It looks like I’ll have to buy a lot of bananas.



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