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Guys, I think both of my dogs aspire to careers in the performing arts.

You know how I caught Yaris practicing for Swan Lake that one time?


I think she might still be at it.  I walked by the other day and I caught Yaris standing in fourth position.  She tried to pass it off as nothing big, but it’s kind of weird for a dog to be standing in fourth position.  Or anyone for that matter.

Fourth position may have been the one I used the least.  Or third.  Probably third.  Because why use third if you can use fifth?  I kind of viewed fourth position as a transitional position or starting point for a pirouette (which I guess makes it more common than third position).  Not really a holding position.

Anyway, I think I interrupted her in the middle of practice.  Her arms weren’t in place and I don’t think she was about to go into a pirouette?  Not sure.  Next time, I think I’ll secretly observe her and see if she does pirouette.  I think that might something to see.  A dog doing a pirouette.  I wonder how she’d even manage that.

Horse, on the other hand, does not seem to find any particular enjoyment in ballet.  I’m not terribly surprised.  Ballet is pretty fussy.  I could see Yaris taking to it, especially if she gets to be prima ballerina, but not Horse.  Also, he’s not very flexible.  I’ve never caught him doing doga.

No, Horse seems to have taken a liking to tap dancing and he’ll unabashedly tap dance in front of me (I haven’t been able to get a video of it).  His happy dance seems to involve a lot of tapping.  I think he might have choreographed it himself.

It’s not the cleanest choreography I’ve ever seen, but I guess I can’t be too critical.  I think he’s only just starting to pick it up and he is enthusiastic about it.  Maybe it’ll look better as he practices.

I wonder where they’re getting lessons from.  I wonder how they’re paying for lessons…hmm.  Maybe that’s where the weird charges are coming from on my credit card (that’s another story and really not related to dog dance lessons at all).


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