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So, as you know, I’ve been working at clic.  It’s nice in that it’s much closer to home so I don’t have to spend 912837192837 hours on the road.  But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.  I wanted to talk about the various people whom I work with at clic.

Here, I drew a handy diagram showing you who they are (because I was bored while I was waiting on some of them so I could complete a task).

Office Lens_20160114_155834_processed

The most…interesting?…of the group would be the one whom I call huffypants.  Why do I call him such?  Because he’s always in a huff about something.  And…because I like to add “pants” after things.  Like I have a coworker at THEM whom I refer to as crankypants.

Huffypants is pretty hard to work with.  He doesn’t give clear instructions, he’s not very patient when he’s explaining something, he’ll skip very relevant steps when he’s talking about something, and he has this infuriating way of trying to be non confrontational by not actively agreeing or disagreeing with anything you say so your conversations can’t go anywhere.  Seriously annoying, guys.

But A-pusher and I like to imagine huffypants going “Huff, huff, huff!  I wear pants!” every time he gets to be very annoying.  It helps some.

Then there’s fishypants.   Fishypants might be the friend of huffypants.  I’m not entirely sure.  He’s only called fishy pants because of my aforementioned proclivity for using “pants” as a suffix.  The fishy part is because one of the first times he showed me the development system, which is a direct mirror of the production system, he stressed strongly that I needed to make sure that I saw the “fishies.”  He apparently decided to make all the terminals connected to the dev system have the same background, which involved fish.  It isn’t a bad idea really.

I don’t have much mental imagery related to fishypants.  I only had a vague image that he looks a bit like Charlie the Tuna of StarKist fame.  I drew him as a really weird looking fish.

Now we come to the two people whom I like the most at clic.  One is another contractor who works for a competitor.  The other one is a full time employee at clic.

The one whom I call GG is the other contractor.  He’s been very nice in teaching me what he knows about the dev system and production system.  We work rather closely together and he’s decided that I’m a really great listening post, in that he likes to talk to (at) me about all manner of things.  It’s fine.  I can listen.  It doesn’t really hurt me and I can learn interesting things.

But the (outwardly) defining characteristic about him is that he always carries a jug of juice.  And he almost always finishes it before the end of the day.  I have started the #juicewatch hashtag to follow the goings-on of GG and his juice.

And finally, my most favorite person at clic, FD.  He’s just…my favorite person (at clic, there are other people who are favorites at other client sites).  He’s great fun to talk to and tells very interesting stories and does things like name this huge hex wrench I found “Big Al” and the subsequent smaller hex wrenches I found as “Al” and “Little Al.”

He also files his pizza in a wire rack with the rest of his papers.  He told me it was because he sometimes forgets to eat lunch and if his pizza is filed in plain sight, he’ll probably remember to eat it.  He also carries his pizza in the pocket of a huge coat.  He’s the best.

Yes, GG and FD stand for something.  No, I won’t say what.

This was a long filler.


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