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Sometimes I like to talk about my coworkers.  Sometimes I like to talk about my coworkers with other people who are not acquainted with my coworkers.  I often like to protect the privacy of my coworkers (or really anyone) so I do not like to use their respective names when talking about my coworkers with people who are not acquainted with my coworkers.  Thus, I often refer to my coworkers by other “names.”  These “names” often end up being animals.

Animal coworker Non-animal coworker
Badger FD (which are initials for something else)
Burro Herb
Duck (previously known as GG) Huffypants
Fish Index
Fishypants (I drew him as a weird Charlie the Tuna, definitely qualifies as an animal coworker) Pointe
Jelly (as in jellyfish) Pretty
Otter Sue
Pengy (short for penguin)  
Seal (full name is Sam the Seal Booger, but normally just referred to as seal)  
Spidder (like spider, but dumber)  

Having finally created a list of all the other names I call my coworkers…I’m noticing that a lot of the animals are either marine animals or animals that have a strong association with water.  I never noticed that before.

In case you’re wondering, there are reasons behind all these names.  It’s not like I just declare someone is a turtle or something.  Also, no one currently is named turtle.

Also, the purpose of talking about my coworkers isn’t so much for gossip.  It’s generally because some of my coworkers have a bit part in a story I’m telling relating to work (and there is little in my life upon which work has not encroached) or they did something I found particularly humorous and I want to share my amusement with someone.  The person’s name really isn’t crucial to the story but it’s annoying to constantly refer to people as my coworker and my other coworker and that other other coworker.  Having these names is much better.



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