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WP_20160322_22_06_35_Rich_LIThat is my hand from a little while ago.  As you can see, one of my fingers seems discolored.  That’s because it is.  I smashed it pretty badly with some free weights.  It turned my finger this delightful shade of purple.  Maybe even damson (at the height of all the swelling).

Anyway, it made things difficult for a while since I’m right handed and very right hand dominant.  I mean, I do have some left handed tendencies, but for the most part my left hand is pretty dumb and uncoordinated.  At least the damage was to my ring finger, the most useless of all fingers (yes even more so than the pinky), and not like…my index finger or something.  My finger did swell up to where it was about 1.5x the size of my other ring finger and I was able to use it to scare people for about a whole week.

It’s been maybe a month now?  My nail didn’t fall off, since most of the damage was to the other side of my finger.  Sometimes I wish the blood pooled mostly under the nail because then I could have relieved some of the pressure by poking a hole through my nail.  Oh well.  I think I might have a hairline fracture at the tip, judging by how it feels.  Meh.  Not much I can do about that other than wait it out.  And maybe stop forgetting that there’s a fracture there and hitting my finger against stuff.  Yeah, that might help.


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