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I came across the idea of BLT pasta recently (I don’t remember from where).  This was in the midst of a longish stint of eating out so it seemed especially appealing to me.  Eating out is all well and good, and sometimes it’s much more convenient and time efficient than cooking…but I get grossed out if I eat out a lot.  So I set out to make something like BLT pasta.

Now then, we know that BLT stands for bacon, lettuce, and tomato.  I’m good with hot bacon and tomato, but I’m definitely not ok with hot lettuce.  When you heat lettuce (romaine and iceberg), it develops a particular flavor and scent that I really do not like.  My mother has tried since I was a child to get me to like cooked lettuce.  And I have done my utmost since my childhood to avoid eating cooked lettuce.

But arugula!  Wilted arugula is pretty good.  Also fresh arugula.  I just really like arugula.  And also spinach.  So I subbed out the L with A and S and I ended up with BAST pasta.  With a sprinkling of red pepper flakes and parm.




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