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You’ll note that dry shampoo has become quite popular of late.  For a while now actually.  I have to admit that it is rather useful.  I didn’t really start using it until about two years ago due to…reasons, when I purchased a small bottle to see how well it would work.  Since then, I’ll use it on days in which I am supposed to run in the morning but then was too lazy/tired/unmotivated to actually get up and run.

Why on those specific days?  Because I normally shower at night.  But if I have to run in the morning, I don’t want to wash my hair at night and then wash it again in the morning.  Especially since I’ll often try and run that evening to make up for not running in the morning, which would mean washing my hair AGAIN at night.  No.  🏻🙅🏻

So a bit of dry shampoo as needed in the morning to get through the day and then I’ll run that evening and then wind up with greasesweathair and then take a shower.  Perfect.

But the thing with commercial dry shampoos is that they stink.  STINK.  I’m not one for fragrances and for some reason all dry shampoos I’ve ever encountered seem to be a bottle of super concentrated, cloying fragrance, alcohol, and some aluminum starch.  I don’t particularly like smelling like alcohol rose or alcohol candy or alcohol indeterminate other fragrance.  It’s disgusting and you have to exist in a cloud of that scent until you wash your hair.

I had thought about going the “natural” route with cornstarch (which is actually how I first found out about dry shampoo quite a long time ago as I read a book about making ones own personal hygiene supplies with common household/kitchen items) but the issue I always had with cornstarch is that my hair is dark, blackish at the roots, and cornstarch is white.  What if I accidentally over dust my hair with cornstarch?  I rather doubt that the granny hair trend is accomplished by dusting your hair liberally with cornstarch.

But I found recently that other dark haired people have had this same thought and decided to add some cocoa powder to their cornstarch.  I found this to be a wonderful idea.  It helps me get rid of this can of Hershey’s Special Dark that keeps lingering in the pantry.  I don’t like using it when baking because I don’t particularly like the flavor.  But now I can stick it in my hair (with some cornstarch), not look like I’ve walked through a dust storm, and also smell like chocolate instead of super cloying fragrance .

What I’ve found is that it doesn’t really smell like much during the day.  Unless…your head gets very hot.  Now, this isn’t normally a problem for me at work because I’m normally inside a building with temperature regulation.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had to work in an area without it.  But remember how I said that I’ll use dry shampoo in the morning when I can’t get myself to actually run?  And that I’ll try running that evening?  Yes.  It ends up smelling like a chocolate cake is baking around me THE ENTIRE TIME I AM RUNNING.

Makes me wonder what people would think if this happened to me at a gym or something.  Or if I had to work in the machine shop again.



  1. Does it make you want to eat chocolate cake after you run?

    • It actually didn’t. But it was very distracting during the run.

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