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Daily Archives: June 10th, 2016

I had extra hot dogs (kosher, all beef) one time.  I had been putting them into things to try and get rid of them, like soup or eggs or chili or anything else where hot dogs might be a bit unexpected but not overtly disgusting.  I managed to get rid of all the hot dogs except for two.  So I decided to make some hot dog flowers with them.

You might think “hot dog flowers” sound really strange.  I guess it is, rather.  But they’re a staple in a lot of Asian bakeries.  If you look up any Asian bakery, you’ll definitely find some kind of hot dog bread.  Often, they’re kind of in bun form, but not the hot dog buns you’d find annoying packed in 8s as opposed to your hot dog 10-packs.  Asian hot dog buns are slightly sweeter, often topped with sesame seeds, and formed and baked around the hot dog itself.

But I didn’t want to make Asian hot dog buns.  I wanted to make the elusive hot dog FLOWER.  Why a flower over a bun?  No good reason.  Just wanted to.  So I did.


I kind of mashed a bunch of recipes together to make the bread and I didn’t write it down (of course).  But here’s the original video that inspired the hot dog flowers.  I was also trying to get rid of some green onions (and I didn’t have any sesame seeds) so that’s what I used.  I…also…forgot them…in the oven…maybe.  I didn’t intend for them to get quite as dark as they did.  Oh well.  They still tasted good.