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Daily Archives: June 20th, 2016

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about changing the way I generate passwords. I had even gone to the point of thinking up a decent algorithm for generating passwords (no, I will not tell you my algorithm, you need to think up your own). But I had been too lazy to actually implement and deploy across…well, everything that requires a password. Well, I finally got around to it recently. Because Yaris is a dog and does not understand basic password security.

I suppose that sounds really strange. Yaris is a dog. Why would she need to know anything about password security? It’s because Yaris is a social princess and wants to keep in touch with all of her friends, who live all over the world. So she uses social media to do that. And recently, her Twitter got hacked.

Yaris actually wasn’t aware of it.  If she was, she didn’t say anything about it, which is another problem.  But I guess it’s partly my fault.  I really should keep a closer eye on what Yaris does online.  But anyway, a mutual friend ended up letting me know that Yaris’ twitter got hacked.  And then I had to do damage control.  I ended up implementing the password algorithm for Yaris’ accounts.  And since I was already writing some code to generate all the passwords for Yaris, I figured I might as well do my own.

Lesson learned.  I can’t let Yaris run around willy nilly on the internet.