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Just recently, I observed a lot of people wildly clamoring around a box of peaches. They were peaches from one of our peach trees. Everyone really wanted to get some peaches even though the peaches weren’t that great. The peaches from the tree that produces a lot of mediocre fruit. You could easily get the same quality fruit or better from a store. But no, all these people REALLY wanted some of these peaches that came off our tree. They would even promote the fact that these peaches came off of a tree. Because…peaches don’t normally come off a tree.

That got me thinking. Maybe they really want these peaches they know came off a tree because the peaches you buy in stores…are really funguseseseses? Actually, that would make sense. People want real fruit, not the weird, fake, fungus stuff that they sell in stores. You know how we have this whole industrialized food market, right? It’s all about delivering the prettiest and sturdiest product as cheaply as possible.

Well, growing fungus is pretty cheap. And fairly fast. And…I guess some fungus is pretty. Of course, these are all very specialized funguseseseses to grow to look like a real peach or whatnot.

This is probably the same with how people used to clamor for eggs from our chickens. They didn’t want to eat any more fungus eggs. They wanted real eggs from real chickens. That’s why they were so interested in getting eggs from us.

Store bought peaches and eggs were probably just harvested straight from the boxes they were grown in. You know how peaches often come in crates? They probably have peach fungus spores in there and they just dampen the crate and put it in a warm place and tada! “Peaches”! Same with eggs. They grow them straight in the cartons.

I totally think I’m on to something. I don’t know why I bought into the propaganda for so long.

I have long pondered the durian and how it grows on trees.  For those of you who do not know what a durian is, it’s a fruit that smells something of used socks, has the texture of custard, and is large and spiky.  And it grows on trees.  That last part is important.  That and the fact that the durian is large and spiky.

Durian Tree

So, durian grows on trees.  You can see from the picture the these trees are not little, stubby trees.  They’re pretty big.  The fruit is spiky.  The fruit is relatively heavy.  What if a durian were to fall on your head as you walked underneath a tree?

Jackfruit Tree

The same idea with jackfruit.  Jackfruit are even bigger than durian and I’m sure they are even heavier (I’ve never interacted with a whole jackfruit, only pieces).  Can you imagine the type of damage that would do to your head if the jackfruit were to fall on you?

Brazil Nut Tree

And with Brazil nuts.  They aren’t as big or spiky, but look!  Brazil nut fruits look like cannonballs!

Coconut tree

Coconuts too.

From this I can only conclude that nature is out to kill you.  Why else would there be such things like durian trees and jackfruit trees and Brazil nut trees and coconut trees?  Obviously they exist only to brain the unsuspecting passerby.  The fact that the weapon is edible is not merely coincidence.  It is a deliberate plan.  People who tend to these trees aren’t raising them for food but for weapons.  Innocent looking weapons.  They all have really good propaganda machines to make you overlook the fact that these are weapons and get you to focus only on the fact that they are a source of nutrients.  Don’t be fooled.  Nature is out to kill you.