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Hi, my name is Moose and I have Final Boss Syndrome.

Hi Moose!

Erm, I thought about writing the rest of this post like a stereotypical *anonymous meeting, but I decided against it.

So, what is Final Boss Syndrome?  Is is a syndrome, probably a psychological disorder, in which you play a computer or video game all the way to the final boss and then suddenly lose interest and stop playing.  Symptoms are obviously more apparent with RPGs or games with something definite at the end.  It might also be the reason why I tend to play more puzzle games or open-ended games now.  It seems that I really like to play games, and I apparently don’t like to beat them.

Here is a very incomplete list of games where I’ve played up to the final boss and then stopped:

Anyway, it’s a pretty good list of games that I never end up completing.  It’s not for lack of trying on some of them.  Trying as in effort in psyching
myself up to play the final boss.  I just…lose interest.  Then I don’t like playing for awhile and by the time I manage to get around to it again, I’ve forgotten all the controls or something or my strategy I had built while playing the game originally and so I can’t beat the final boss.  This is  probably the most apparent with The World Ends with You.  That game has such a different battle system, I don’t know if I’ll be able to pick it up again.  I might have to play it through from the beginning again.  Which wouldn’t really be that bad.  Another game that would be really hard to pick up again is Trauma Center.  I really liked that game too, but I don’t think I can remember all that I need to do to heal wounds and whatnot.

In other news, I have beat some games.  Sometimes it’s just a fluke that I beat them, sometimes it’s not.  Here are some games I actually have beat:

So, PvZ is the really different one on the list because not only have I beaten it, I have beaten it several times.  I have beaten it so hard.  So hard to death.  Er…yes.  Anyway, not only have I beaten the game several times, I have also gone back and beaten all the mini-games, and survived over 30 onslaughts of zombies in endless survival mode.  I also have a pretty decent Zen garden.  So you see, this is quite an accomplishment.

But, that’s not all!  What I just described was on LeeEv, my main system.  I recently acquired an auxiliary system, Codename-Roodee, and I decided to install PvZ there as well.  What I hadn’t realized is that PopCap updated the game to include acheivements and the save files of the previous verison are not compatible with the new version.  That means…I get to play it all over again.  And I did.  I beat the game over Memorial weekend and it was completely unintentional, as I was doing a lot of other things that weekend that took precedence over beating a game I had already beaten.  But it was interesting, as I got to re-experience a bunch of things that I had completely forgotten about.  Like that magic taco.  Why did Crazy Dave just give me so much money for a taco the zombies dropped on my lawn?  Because he’s CRRRRAAAAAAAZY!!

So maybe…maybe this means my Final Boss Syndrome is going into remission and that one day, I will be able to beat the games I start playing, especially the games that I like.  Maybe one day I’ll be cured?



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