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Some of you may know Toby.  He is a squirrel.  I think he has a small infatuation with my friend.  He follows her everywhere.  I got to witness some of this first hand when we were gallivanting around Dallas.  But, I also found out that he’s very shy and always hides in places so as not be seen.  He can be heard though, because he’s always squeaking.  And I’ve also discovered that Toby has a very large family and/or social network.  They’re everywhere.  They’re all quite shy.  They’re all quite curious and what to follow you and know what you are doing.  They all like to squeak and chatter and chitter and squitter.
I found out recently that one of Toby’s friends lives in our plotter.  I think it’s the fat gray squirrel who sometimes sits on the branch in the Enchanted Forest giving advice to adventurers.  You know, the bossy one.  The one with twenty-three children who are all exceedingly polite, unlike the lost princes who seek her advice.  Anyway, I think she’s moved from the Enchanted Forest and into our plotter.  I think she’s retired now from giving advice to wayward adventurers and her children are probably all grown up.  She’s retired into our plotter.  And she snores.  She seems like she’d be the type to snore.  Don’t believe me?  I’ve got a recording of it.

Um…sorry about the quality and the length.  In converting it to a video, my audio was automatically chopped and I didn’t feel like redoing it so that you got to hear all of it.  Anyway, I was trying to furtively record the squirrel snoring while not waking her up and not attracting too much attention.  I failed at the last one.  One of the guys saw me by the plotter and he wanted to know what I had done to fix it.  Um…nothing.  I was just trying to get a recording of the squirrel, who retired into our plotter, snoring away.  You know.  As one does.  But you don’t have to hear our little exchange now because it got cut off.  Huzzah!

By the way, the image from the video was taken by Heather Champ and is used under Creative Commons.  You can find more of her stuff and specifically that squirrel here.


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