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So…I think motivation and I had I fight.  Motivation is giving me the silent treatment.  Inspiration might also be giving me the silent treatment, I’m not sure.  I think maybe inspiration just took the weekend off.  I hope it’s only the weekend and not like…a month or something.  What is this, Europe?

Anyway, how about this post from a long time ago from another blog?  Huh?  It’s actually kind of a problem right now, so I thought it was fitting to post it again.  Oh, and also sleeping through my alarm/turning my alarm off in my sleep.

I was minding my own business mid morning yesterday. I was a little late that morning and I was reflecting on that and decided that the only recourse is to just get up when my alarm rings the first time. Then I would have plenty of time to do whatever I needed to do in the morning and still get to work on time, just like that quarter in high school when I would roll out of bed and stay out of bed right when my alarm rang. That’s when it hit me. The snooze button is not my friend. It never has been my friend. It probably will never be my friend. All these years when I would hit the snooze button for another 5-10 minutes of sleep has not done be any good. It’s only created mad rushes in the morning as I tried to do everything that needed doing before leaving for my destination. The snooze button has only caused anxiety and tardiness in my life. I feel so betrayed.
That being said, I hit the snooze button twice this morning and I was late for work again.

And also, this comic by Nedroid:


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