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Just a short post today. I’ve been busy and rather tired.

So, here’s an entry in my art journal I’m making for a swap.  You can see previous posts about it here and here.  I will also remind you again to save our postal service and point you here, here, here, and here.

The theme for the entry was “word of the day.”  I had originally planned to do another word, for which I also had very strong mental imagery, but I didn’t do it that day and I’ve since forgotten the word.  The definition had to do with torrents of words coming from someone’s mouth though.  If you have a word that might fit that definition, I’d like to know what it is.  It kind of bothers me that I can’t remember the original word.

Anyway, for this one, I just checked out‘s word of the day. Gasp!  But…you’re an avid Merriam Webster user!  Yes…I know.  I didn’t like before because it gave all kinds of definitions without differentiating what might be slang, what was common usage, what was archaic usage…it was all jumbled together.  And I thought it was corrupting the youth.  Ok, not really.  But I did see some problems with my brother looking up words and then using them however he liked, apparently with the blessing of  Merriam Webster was a real dictionary before they also brought it online and it had all the nice dictionary qualities I look for in a dictionary.  That’s why I prefer them.  Even now.  But, they haven’t put out an app for wp7 and has.  So, if I’m using my phone, I use the latter.  And having used it more, I see that they have greatly improved how they present their content.  I don’t really have a problem with them anymore.

SO ANYWAY, that’s how I got my word of the day.  Complete with the definition.  Tada.  Upon looking at it closely, I may have misspelled it.  I think believe it’s supposed to be “bellwether” not “bellweather.”  I seem to have added an “a” due to the influence of my overactive imagination.  I should probably try fixing that.  Huzzah.


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