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Grampaw, one of my colleagues at work, has a problem with maintaining a roll of masking tape.  People are always stealing it from him and he never sees it again afterward.  He’s told me he’s tried scrawling his name all over the tape and it hasn’t helped.  Well, the last time he did that, I decided maybe I would help him personalize his roll of tape a bit, so it would be more obvious when someone has taken it and is using it.  I doodled all over his tape and make such lovely drawings as a pile of poo and a pot of lard.

It helped.  Grampaw was able to keep his tape for months and use about half the roll before it disappeared.  I figured someone was able to swipe it because a lot of the drawings and stuff were gone by time half the roll was used.  So, when grampaw got himself a new roll of tape, I decided to do a better job decorating it.  That is…I brought it with me one Friday night (without telling him of course) along with my very colorful set of permanent markers and let the kids decorate it.  My only instruction was that they fully decorate the sides so that when the roll was half finished, you could still see a lot of the doodles.  And…that’s what they did.

I presented it to grampaw this morning.  He was a bit embarrassed, but so thrilled to have some nicely decorated tape.  There’s decoration on the surface of the roll too, but I couldn’t get pictures of it.  But really, he was so thrilled.  THRILLED.  Now we just have to see how long it is before someone swipes this roll.


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