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Yet another update from the art journal.  This time of some quick pencil sketches I did of some animals.

I was perusing through the photography section of National Geographic’s site and I came across some very funny looking animals.  So funny looking they were just asking to be sketched.  So I complied.  And this is it.  It probably satisfies my “animals” topic I had.  And…that’s it.

Hmm…this is a very short post.  Much shorter than I had intended…but I really have nothing else to say about this.  Well, here, how about “I really don’t know how those cattle can see.”  There’s something.  But other than that…I think that’s it.

You were about to get a sample of my current handwriting as I wrote a short note to the right of the sketches, but…it got cut off in the picture.  So, I guess you don’t get to see what my writing looks like now.  Next time, next time.


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