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I’ve noticed a trend in search terms recently:

  • why is my handwriting so bad (3)
  • how to have beautiful writing (3)
  • bad handwriting (2)
  • why is my handwriting bad (2)
  • why does my handwriting change (1)
  • my handwriting is so bad (1)
  • legible handwriting (1)
  • why is my penmanship so bad (1)
  • beautiful legible handwriting (1)
  • really nice handwriting (1)
  • why my handwriting is so bad (1)
  • pictures of beautiful writing (1)
  • why is my hand writing so bad (1)
  • is my handwriting bad? (1)
  • really bad handwriting (1)


That’s 21 different instances of bad penmanship related searches people have used to find my blog, in particular, this post.  I guess people are really concerned with the quality of their handwriting these days.  Well, that’s good.  I think people should be concerned about it.  You can’t very well write letters to others if the recipient can’t read it.  Well, you could write the letters, but they would be pretty useless.  And why would you want to write useless letters?  We should all improve our handwriting so we can write legible letters that we can send to friends all over the world and help keep the USPS in business (campaigning!).

Anyway, perhaps you’re curious about how I’m doing with my handwriting exercises.  Well…uh…you see…I’ve been busy.  I haven’t actually practiced my calligraphy.  I have written a lot of letters though and I did have to do some fancy lettering for a craft.  I got a set of dip pens for more letter writing fun, too.  It…probably hasn’t improved my handwriting that much.  Heh.  I also don’t have a sample for you right now.  So…uh…yeah.  This isn’t a very satisfying post is it?  Sorry about that.  I guess you’ll just have to wait until next time.


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