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I recently participated in a swap in which you traded recipes for dog treats with three other people.  But, the recipe had to be presented on a decorated card.  Here’s what I sent out.

I punched little bones into the side of the card (you can see the postcards I had the in background peeking through) and then doodled over the rest of the card.  The dog saying hi is from Cricut (Paper Pups).

To continue with the theme, I wrote little notes on dog shaped cards that I cut from miscellaneous pieces of scrapbooking paper.  This…ended up being a bit of a problem.  I had to use my larger scraps and one of them was from this project.  You see, with the sickly green background and skulls and crossbones, you might think that I was sending a recipe for poison.  That’s…totally not true.  My dogs are very fond of these biscuits.  They always know when I’m going to make them and you can’t push them out of the kitchen.  Yaris will even go and wait next to the oven while they’re baking.  You can make them for people too.  Just add more honey.

Anyway, I carried my dog theme out all the way to the envelope with dog stickers and Up themed stamps with Dug and Mr. Frederickson featured front and center.

I am thorough.

I’ll update the post with the recipe later as I’m currently gallivanting about in Indiana and I don’t have access to the file. Or you can try making out those decorated cards. I actually sent along non-decorated cards to my swap partners too since the decorated cards were so…decorated.


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