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For reals, this time.

I was recently in the state of Indiana for work and on my first working day at Company, there was a statewide severe weather drill.  The thing was, no one could really figure out when it was.  At first, our Company escort told us it was sometime in the morning.  Then he said he heard it announced on the radio that it was going to be between 10-10:30.  But then some other Company employee said that it would be at 14:00.  His boss (I assume) agreed with that.  But our Company escort insisted that it was supposed to be around 10-10:30.  Anyway, nothing untoward happened between 10-10:30.

When we were coming back from lunch, the report we were listening to on the radio was suddenly interrupted with a test of the Emergency Broadcast System.  I thought maybe that was the statewide drill.  I was pretty disappointed.

As it turned out, the actual drill was at 14:00.  We all had to evacuate the building and go to the designated shelter area.  We didn’t go to one of the designated tornado shelter areas that I saw posted all over the buliding, so I guess this was just a drill for generic severe weather.  At any rate, it was kind of a boring drill.  I was hoping for some wind, rain, and thunder simulations.  Maybe some zombies.  What?  You often see inclement weather in those zombie apocalypse movies.  Therefore it must happen.  Hollywood would never lie.

Anyway, there were no zombies.  No severe weather simulations.  It was all pretty dull.  The only arguably exciting thing was that one employee scolded all of us for being too loud and that we wouldn’t be able to hear the all clear signal.  Another employee chided her for being too severe on us and that the shelter “isn’t a library” and that we didn’t need to be that quiet.  And then we all left the shelter before the all clear was given anyway.  They didn’t sound the all clear until we were entering into the lab we working in.

Apparently there was another statewide drill at 19:00.  I think we were driving right then and we didn’t participate in that one.


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