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I’m in Wisconsin and I have seen many water parks.  BUT I haven’t seen anybody these waterslide roads.  I’m kind of disappointed.  I mean, I don’t particularly want to travel by waterslide, but I think it would be a sight to see.  Think about it.  Cargo being shipped by waterslide? Busing children by waterslide? What if trains traveled by waterslide? Wouldn’t that be something to see?

Anyway, this post isn’t about Wisconsin’s road systems.  It’s about this incredibly talky guy that was on the same flight with me from ATL to MSN.  He was kind of flamboyantly dressed with his red checked shirt and tie dye undershirt and Cuban hat and cow skin (not leather but the furry side) messenger and red crocodile laptop bag.  And he could only speak at one volume, which was inappropriately loud, and his cell phone was stuck to his ear almost the entire time he was allowed to use it.  The only time he wasn’t talking on his phone was when he was dialing or when we were in the air.  The moment we landed he immediately pulled out his cell and started talking on the phone again.

FSB, we shared a flight, found the guy really annoying.  I thought he was rather amusing.  He spoke in cheery, animated, and very loud tones to everyone.  Even while we were in the air, he was talking pretty much non-stop.  I wonder how his row mates felt.  I was fairly amused, but it might have been because there was a baby in the row across from mine who was screaming bloody murder the whole flight.  I realize that it’s not the baby’s fault and that it’s probably uncomfortable and bewildering for them to fly…but REALLY.  The whole flight!

Anyway, the talky guy sat across from me for awhile at the terminal while we were waiting for our flight (it was delayed).  I had plenty of time to sketch a drawing of him.

The terribly cheerful and talky guy! I got lazy and didn’t want to draw the background. You get some scribbling instead.


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