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This is what I have found with my limited experience of Wisconsin.  The first night I was here, I was still in PT and didn’t go to bed until 01:00 CT.  Little did I know that they were doing renovations upstairs, especially in the room directly above mine, and they didn’t put everything away properly.  So, at 04:00 something loud and heavy fell and it jolted me awake.  I only managed a doze after that until 06:30 when I got up for work.

The night after, I tried to go to bed earlier, having only really gotten three hours of sleep the night before.  I turned off the lights at 23:00 and then tada!  A drunked brawl right outside my room at 02:00!  It was the best!  It went on for maybe 20-30 minutes and during most of that time there was some girl shrieking at the top of her lungs.  I think some guy ended up getting in the mix.  Mostly holding down that shrieking girl.  It caused her to shriek more.

The police came toward the end of the whole thing.  They loudly quetsioned people in the hallway outside my room.  During which time, they had to use the elevator like six times.  After they had left, I think one of the girls in the brawl came back upstairs and started pounding on the door of one of the rooms.  She wanted her friend, or whatever, to open the door.  Apparently she paid 150$ for the room and didn’t intend to sleep in the car.

This whole exchange was so loud that it woke grampaw up.  He’s on the floor below us.  He apparently got out of bed to try and figure out where all the noise was coming from.  Yeah, it was right outside my door.  FSB was out like a log.  Didn’t hear a thing.  I guess the three hour thing doesn’t apply to him.

This has made me tired enough to make couple nights later, I ended up dreaming about work, which caused me to wake up every two hours.  Sugh.  SUGH.  How is Wisconsin not the most sleep deprived state?


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