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During this trip, I have learned that FSB is not a big fan of tattoos.  But he thinks it would be hilarious if I got one.  I’m not really sure why.  Anyway, he was needling me to get a tattoo over a late breakfast during the weekend.  And while he was doing so, he wondered how much it would cost if he were to get a tattoo…of a butterfly…on his arm.  Yes.  A butterfly.  I think he just said the first tattoo design that popped into his head.  Maybe he’s seen a lot of butterfly tattoos.  I thought this was so INCREDIBLY. AMUSING. (because you just don’t think that male Harley enthusiasts would have tattoos of butterflies on their arm) that I designed a butterfly tattoo for him.  Enjoy.

I was going to add pink flowers to the ribbony vine things, but decided against it.

By the way, he said he’d get the tattoo I designed for him when I get one.  He didn’t say if he’d design one for me.


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