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So…I’m still here in Wisconsin.  I will indeed be staying until June 2.  Hopefully not more than that.  Staying until June 2 means that I’m here during Memorial Day weekend.  Co-vendor had already said that none of their employees would work Sunday and Monday of the holiday weekend, so that means we had to take Customer out and keep them entertained.  Sunday’s activity consisted of a boat tour of the Upper Dells.

The boat tour wasn’t too bad.  It wasn’t exhilarating by any means.  The most exciting thing that happened was when we tried to cast off…while still being tied to the dock.  It was kind of surprising that we didn’t rip the dock apart.  Otherwise, the boat tour was a bit on the dull side.  It was our tour guide’s first week on the job.  She hadn’t really settled into it yet.  She’s memorized the script VERY. WELL.  Even during the “casual conversation” when we went exploring some of the landing points.  But she was nice.  I suppose she just needs a few more weeks on the job to get comfortable and not seem like she’s always reading something.

The Upper Dells are pretty, btw.

Witches Gulch

There’s a dog that jumps across here. I…didn’t manage to get a picture of him jumping.  You can see his trainer though.

Grampaw’s post boat tour Bloody Mary had a Slim Jim in it. We were all very bemused by it.

As for accidentally tanning my toes, I wore flip flops today.  I haven’t worn them out for extended periods of time in a long time.  And since I was wearing pants, I managed to tan only my toes.  It’s ridiculous.


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