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Day two of entertaining Customer involved a pontoon boat and a few bicycles.  Co-vendor was nice enough to arrange a small fishing expedition in the Wisconsin’s third largest lake and also take a couple of the guys out who didn’t feel like going fishing.  I wasn’t going to go originally.  In fact, I was trying pretty hard to coast under the radar so I wouldn’t have to go, but one of the drivers opted out at the last moment and I was volunteered to take his place.  Great.  In the end, I guess it wasn’t too bad.  There weren’t any sharks.  I saw a spider.  I made a new friend.

He hopped onto my finger after alighting onto the non-alcohol cooler (did you know you can drink alcohol in public Wisconsin?) and stuck around with me for awhile.  He flew off and came back a few times too.  I think he was just using me as a wind shield.  It was pretty windy out in the middle of the lake for awhile.  My face is slightly reddened.  I thought maybe I got a mild sunburn but since my face itches quite a bit, grampaw says I’m probably just windburned.

Anyhoo, fish were caught.  Pictures were taken.  No, I will not post them.  If you want to see them, I guess you’ll have to find me and I’ll show you in person.  Oh, it was all catch and release, as well.  A lot of catfish, a lot of sheepshead, even some small-mouth bass and perch.  Our fishing guide was quite talkative.  Grampaw thought the guide was really nosy.  I think he was just one of those people who don’t like silent spaces in conversation.

At the very end of the day, when we were disembarking from the boat, I managed to nearly fall into the water.  I was stepping down onto the dock right as it dipped and it caused me to lose my balance.  Grampaw reached out to grab me but then stopped and pulled back, WHICH I THOUGHT WAS ONE OF THE MOST HILARIOUS THINGS EVER.  EVAR.  This is because he knows that I don’t like being touched.  He even thought of this and stopped himself from grabbing me while I was in the midst of pitching myself into the water.  I didn’t, btw.  I managed to find my balance.  I saved myself.  So there.


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