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So, scientists have found a correlation between obesity and diabetes and cognitive ability.  The US is trending toward became a nation of obese people.  What does this say about our future?  And actually, this helps explain a lot of what’s going on now.

Have you noticed all the campaigns in getting kids to eat healthier? Because we apparently have an issue with childhood obesity? Have you noticed that some of the kids we move through the school system are abnormally dumb? Do you think they might be related?

Ok, no, I don’t think all kids are uniformly dumb. People are naturally gifted in different ways. Some naturally excel in academics and some don’t. So long as they make an attempt (and not a half-hearted one), it’s fine and that’s not what I’m talking about.

Also, I am not talking about people acting dumb because they think it’s fashionable to do so. Don’t lie. That’s mostly what you see in mainstream media. People being dumb and becoming famous, however briefly, for it. We are becoming a society that celebrates stupidity, or at least acting stupid. It’s beyond irritating. Why celebrate talent, intelligence, anything useful when instead you can celebrate stupidity and a lack of shame?

No, I’m talking about how if you’re seeing issues in adults with obesity and cognitive ability, I would think it’s an even bigger issue with kids. They are still developing. They wouldn’t be losing some cognitive ability, but never gaining or developing it. They really might end up being really dumb when they grow up because of their cognitive developmental issues because no one bothered to control what they were eating. We are bringing it upon ourselves. We will raise up a nation of stupid people. Explain to me how this is a good thing.

Um…apparently this has been a PSA on childhood obesity. I guess. Also, do you think nigh all politicians were obese at some point?


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