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Were you aware that this is a thing?  You can really get dead butt syndrome.  It’s a real condition that real people get.  Your butt…can suffer death.

Ok, not really.  I’m not really sure why they came up with the term “dead butt syndrome” when your butt doesn’t die, but I guess it grabs your attention?  I guess?  Thus it makes you want to find out about it so that your butt does not also die?  Something?

Anyway, dead butt syndrome is the colloquial name for gluteus medius tendinosis.  Your gluteus medius is one of your three butt muscles.  Ok, fine.  I just want to say “butt.”  It’s one of your three gluteal muscles and it’s located on the outer surface of your pelvis.

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Tendinosis, which is not the same as tendinitis, is a chronic tendon injury where there is damage to the tendon at the cellular level.  When you put these together, you get gluteus medius tendinosis, which is an injury in the tendon associated with the gluteus medius.  Apparently, it is characterized by stabbing pains in one’s hip.  It kind of makes me wonder if that’s what Wil Wheaton was talking about, way back when.

Dead butt syndrome is interesting to me because besides letting me say “butt,” it seems that runners often suffer from this condition.  I’m not a great runner by any stretch of the imagination.  But I do run.  Or shuffle, as has been the case recently.  The gluteus medius is very important in stabilizing your hips and pelvis when you are running.  If you don’t cross train and only run, your gluteus medius is not getting the workout it needs to keep your pelvis in place.  The muscles around your hips then have to pick up the slack.  And then you hurt and your butt dies.  Well, your butt dies a bit later if you keep running through the pain and the muscle fibers in your gluteus medius no longer function correctly.  Then you have this wonderful cycle of inflammation and scarring.

So, I guess the point of this post is to cross train?  I guess?  I don’t think I really had a point.  I just wanted to bring to your attention this wonderful condition known as “dead butt syndrome.”


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